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Official Bio
Kathy Kouzmanoff is a former Franciscan nun and retired Jungian oriented psychotherapist, now living in the Sonoran desert of the American southwest, delighting in daily innerwork practices and writing.

Expanding the lessons learned as a Catholic Franciscan, Kathy pursued the American transcendentalists, Jungian psychology, Rumi’s ecstatic poetry, and the eclectic richness of the world’s growth traditions, Eastern, Western, holistic science and indigenous wisdom.

Kathy’s Personal Story in Her Own Words
I was born in 1945 in West Bend, Wisconsin, the oldest of five.  My family lived on the family homestead farm, dating to 1873.  My father was ambitious, charismatic and prosperous, working up to twelve farms at a time, to pay off the farm mortgage more quickly.  My mother was a creative and spirited homemaker, gardener, interior decorator, farm hand, church lady, and an active part of two huge extended families.

The rural catholic church, St. Matthias in Nabob, Wisconsin, was our social center and provider of our world cosmology from birth to death and everything in between. The two room grade school was part of it.  In 8th grade I needed to choose between two ideals, that of being a movie star as seen in LOOK and PHOTOPLAY magazines, or become a nun. I went to the convent, also leaving behind my grade school sweetheart.

Nine years of high school, college and a year of novitiate cloister with the School Sisters of St. Francis in Milwaukee transformed me from a country hayseed into a cultured and radical young woman.  I left the order in part because Vatican II shifted church cosmology from religious life as a special calling, to one that in the eyes of God was equal to being single or married.  This suited my natural inclination toward seeing the secular city as sacred.

I am deeply grateful to the dedicated, dynamic educators at Alverno College in Milwaukee where I got my BA in 1968.  I got my MS in educational psychology from the University of Wisconsin in 1972.

My first job of fifteen years was in the Milwaukee schools, as a teacher, counselor and developer of innovative programs in career education and real estate.  My first husband John Kouzmanoff, whom I married in 1979, always urged me to break out into something yet more innovative.

I left the security of a tenured job with benefits and became an independent contractor with a real estate broker’s license, which I applied mostly to sales, as well as some personal projects in rehab and development.  During this time my second most profound radicalization happened.

I went through Jungian analysis from 1985-1988.  I have a dream early on that it took three years to surrender to.  I am in a convent garden, at its center, next to a large, lush tree laden with golden apples; I am telling a reporter what goes on inside its castled walls.  The message of this dream has become a life long passion for the reality and richness of the inner life.

In 1988 I set up a private practice in counseling and adult education, quickly becoming full time.  In 1995 in Wisconsin I set up a 501-c3 nonprofit supporting personal transformation, The Mind’s Eye Institute, which is now archived with the Wisconsin Historical Society, in the UW-Milwaukee Golda Meier Library, where my personal papers will also be archived.

And now in retirement since 2009, in the sunny, warm and spacious mountain scenery of greater Tucson, I have turned to writing.  My latest book is Paradise Now Manifesting, published at www.amazon.com.  It is a travel memoir of a month in Europe in 2014 with my husband Dr. Robert M Wallace, in which I consider how Paradise manifests now.  My first book, Lifewheel, is a cosmology of sorts, showing how our inner and out lives change, as we spiral in and out of and develop from needy to conformist to individual to spiritually mature.

You can see what I am doing currently at Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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